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Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

These days you can invent an app, start a blog, build a website, but it all starts with a design. And if it is real enough and it is made of everything that made you, where you come from, who you know, your history. Then you may have a chance to connect with everyone else and maybe that is your ticket to everything.

I believe that making a website has to become second nature if you really want to do anything in programing these days. It sets the rules of how people interact with your website, product or service.

Making a good website, product or service that is properly structured backend and frontend, UX & UI based. Is the foundation for making all projects successful.

Stepping into the future of the Internet of things is something I truly believe we can make the difference in our world. A good example of a big IOT project is SpaceX with it's smart rockets or Tesla with there machine learning self driving cars.​

Boost your Success

MCT  (Multimedia & Communication Technologie) is a modern college that prepares you for the future. From making apps to the device that is controlled by it. From setting up a network to the website that is sent by the servers. There are three directions in MCT. Interested in what these are? Click the button below

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What I’ve always liked about programming are the projects. I’m always busy working on a project, or coming up with new ideas. Click this link to see just a few of them!