Bloom: IOT, Managed With A PWA

Bloom: IOT, Managed With A PWA

For this project I worked with an ESP32. The client wanted me to use the Arduino programming language. That consists of only one file that can be uploaded to the ESP32 board. For this I needed to find a solution. 

ESP32 & local PWA

Before I could connect the ESP32 to a network, I first had to be able to store a network on the ESP32. To solve this challenge, I quickly discovered that I first needed to turn the ESP32 into an access point (access point transmits a Wi-Fi signal). Once connected to this network a captive portal emerged. Here you can see a network list with all networks and connect them to any kind of network. 

What's the project about?

The project is a Photosynthesis lamp that is controlled from a PWA on the smartphone, tablet or web browser on your computer. This is so if you have many of these devices or want to build a large installation. You can manage everything at once on one overview.

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