About Me

My Approach

Why you want to do it, how and what technologies should we use for a particular project. This are all great questions and the answer is simple. Whatever we need to do we will find the best approach and the best suitable program language for your organisation. Everything is possible with the right mindset. For a project there’s not just one direction… There are many and we will find what’s best for yours.

I love project that could help our environment​, reduce our ecological footprint and improve the way we treat our precious earth.

I like to work with IOT (internet of things) based projects where we could make a device smarter to improve our lives for the better. If I can make it even smarter with AI and machine learning, then we are getting somewhere.

Comunication in a company is crucial. A good managing framework can help with this. I love to solve/make software that improves a companies structure.

If somebody says bitcoins I think of the blockchain. Safety/ownership is crucial and it gets more crucial on the internet as ever before. I see blockchain as a way to keep your data yours.

All With a Great
UI & UX Based Design